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Solar rebate helping locals make the switch

IN a bid to increase the use of green and sustainable energy through solar, the Federal Government has introduced several incentives for consumers and vendors of solar products.

There are rebates and other incentives that can decrease the cost of solar products for locals by more than 75 per cent, depending on eligibility.

Not only is the government helping make solar more affordable to install, but solar panels are predicted to cut power bills by up to two thirds once connected to the grid.

These reductions meant residents could now install a solar system worth around $9000 for as little as $2000-$3000.

Federal solar rebates are available to everyone, whereas Victorian solar rebates are available to those who meet the criteria – this is 90 per cent of Victorians.

Local businesses such as Ultraclean Solar Services and Creek Electrical will make sure you understand the process and work through it with you.

Ultraclean Solar Services owner, Paul Battista said now was the best time to go solar considering the rebates currently available to locals.

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