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Celebrating mums today, tomorrow and every day

TOMORROW marks the national day of celebration for mums, but the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Hamilton Group has been celebrating mums all week.

The theme for National Mothering Week 2021 – May 3-9 – is ‘One million mums’, celebrating the community of more than one million mothers who have sought support, reassurance, confidence, and friendship through ABA over the years.

This week was made even more special for ABA as it coincided with the one millionth call to its Breastfeeding Helpline.

The milestone caller was Gladstone mum, Jemma Manwaring.

Throughout the week, ABA had a number of key objectives – to increase awareness of its helpline services (helpline, live chat and mum2mum app), to encourage mums to connect with the online ABA community, and to encourage mum to connect with their local ABA group.

Overall, the 57-year-old national group had a vision to focus on mothers and their stories, emphasising the importance of support, community and shared experiences.

“What a great week to recognise mothers and the important role they play in our society, with National Mothering Week and of course, Mother’s Day,” ABA Hamilton Group Leader, Amy Lantry said. 

“Our group celebrated at our Nature Play session in the HIRL Children’s Adventure Garden on Friday, with a craft activity for our mums and babies, and older children, to do together.

“We love exploring the grounds and chatting with other families, it’s always a welcoming and fun morning out, but it certainly adds to the event to celebrate together in this way.”

Reaching the milestone call was an even greater cause for celebration this week, as the true importance of the National Breastfeeding Helpline was being realised.

“The millionth call is a significant reminder of the vital support service that is the National Breastfeeding Helpline,” Ms Lantry told The Spectator.

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