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Movie matinees

HAMILTON’S No-Cost Café will bring a bit of fun to Fridays, with monthly movie matinees set to start this week.

The café, run by Grace Fellowship at the Hamilton Train Station, provides meals to Hamilton’s vulnerable people every Monday and Friday.

Grace Fellowship pastor, Rodger Garland said this Friday the café would also begin running monthly movie matinees.

“We had a large movie screen donated to us some time ago – big thanks for the gift – but COVID got in the way of us incorporating movies earlier into our regular café activity,” he said.

“We will be holding a movie matinee once a month on the last Friday of each month.”

Pr Garland said the matinees would kick off with a showing of the movie War Room.

“The story line is about a strained marriage and a chance meeting with a lady who has lived some life and knows a bit about prayer,” he said.

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