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Roll up your sleeve and get the jab now

WESTERN District Health Service (WDHS) is urging the public to book in and get vaccinated now, on the back of low vaccination numbers in past weeks and says an outbreak within the local community could lead to devastating impacts, and unfortunately for some people it would be “too late.”

At the beginning of the pandemic last year, the community responded quickly to the threat of COVID-19 and followed all restrictions, including social distancing and staying at home.

The vaccination program was made available to locals in March with priority 1A and 1B groups getting vaccinated in quick succession.

WDHS was soon administering the vaccine to hundreds of locals, numbers were flooding through the doors with over 600 people vaccinated in just one week.

However, only a couple months on and the numbers have significantly declined when availability of the vaccine is high.

WDHS chief executive, Rohan Fitzgerald said there had been a significant drop in the number people getting vaccinated.

“The flood has turned into a creek in the dry season, with as few as 150 (people per week) coming through our doors,” he said.

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