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Border communities call for permit reforms

CALLS for the Victorian border crossing system to be changed were growing louder as communities struggled to understand the wide disparity between permits with South Australia.

While South Australians have had their existing permits automatically extended after several months, those crossing into Victoria – even as returning Victorian residents – must reapply every 14 days.

As prime minister, Scott Morrison flagged the possibility of vaccine passports in order to cross interstate borders, communities along the South Australian border had continued to deal with a Victorian system that was time consuming and frustrating many.

Paula Gust created the Cross Border Call Out (CBCO) Facebook page in August 2020 at the time of the hard border closures and said the page now had “over 5500” followers.

She said the Victorian system was a case of bureaucracy lacking common sense.

“The people on the border have really done it tough,” she said.

“They’ve done it because they knew they had to, but these sort of ridiculous red tape methods that they're applying … it just doesn't make sense. I think people get frustrated and then you have non-compliance.

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