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Improving mental health in the workplace

THE Andrews Labor Government is continuing to provide mental health support to workers and strengthen their rights within the workplace through a number of new regulations.

The regulations are aimed to better prevent any workplace psychological hazards and injuries, putting mental health on the same level as physical health.

South West Healthcare (SWH) Hamilton mental health services team leader, Praveen Premnath said the service was in full support of any new regulations that would benefit psychological safety in the workplace.

“There is a sense from people in the community that there isn’t enough mental health support locally,” he told The Spectator.

“We offer a 24-7 service, the after hours may not be face-to-face but there are telehealth options that operate from Warrnambool.”

The SWH Hamilton campus accepts walk ins and has phone lines that operate from 9am-5pm, with after hours assistance available.

He said he was not sure that the concept of psychological safety and wellbeing was fully understood by the community.

“Psychological safety is going to work and expressing your opinions without having any fear or any backlash,” he said.

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