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DISA Festival 2021 kicks off with a bang

THE 2021 Greater Hamilton Digital Innovation and Smart Agriculture (DISA) Festival started with a bang on Tuesday, bringing huge numbers of people to the Hamilton Exhibition and Conference Centre to view a range of workshops presented by locals and professionals from afar.

The festival had a particular focus on ‘Creating Smart Regions’ and unlocking the digital potential of regional communities – it was around the double the size of the inaugural event in 2019.

Event coordinator, Leesa Iredell was very happy with the attendance on Tuesday and looked forward to the remainder of the week.

“It’s a real highlight that we have been able to attract speakers who are willing to come here because they can see we are a leader in the field,” Ms Iredell told The Spectator.

The first day of the event drew around 245 people to the Hamilton Showgrounds to hear from 25 different speakers focussed on giving local farmers and community members a chance to learn more about developments in technology and create a smarter region.

There were speakers who travelled from Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania for the event.

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