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New COVID-19 cases in Melbourne

THE latest outbreak of COVID-19 in Melbourne has been met with an immediate response by the State Government with 15 new cases identified in Melbourne in the 48 hours leading up to yesterday morning.

Four lines of investigation were being followed by the Department of Health and Human Services and Victoria acting premier, James Merlino yesterday told a press conference he was satisfied the government and response teams were doing everything to stay on top of the developing situation.

“We are concerned about the number and the kind of exposure sites,” he said.

Mr Merlino referred to “the excellent work of our contact tracing team (in) the last 36 (to) 48 hours” adding “the good thing is that we know there is a link with all of the 15 cases”.

“In the last 36 hours, we went from case one, which was the first line of investigation to identifying cases two to five, the second line of investigation, to identifying (cases) seven to nine through the third line of investigation, and then cases 10 to 12 the fourth line, so there's still some way to go,” he said.

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