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Success stories emerge from new housing campaign

THROUGH a new campaign launched by Brophy Family and Youth Services, young people are being provided greater opportunity and assistance to get a start in the rental market.

The campaign ‘Five Landlords in Five Months’ aims to tackle youth homelessness and the current rental crisis by encouraging landlords to give young people a chance.

There has already been some great local examples of how the campaign can benefit young people, particularly in the 18-25 age bracket.

Elders Real Estate Hamilton and Brophy have provided housing opportunities for two local renters in Hamilton and the surrounding area.

Brophy is a community service and not-for-profit organisation based out of Warrnambool, but the campaign’s focus expands to Hamilton, Portland and Lismore.

Brophy senior youth practitioner, Mark Dekker said it was all about giving a young person the opportunity to prove they could be a respectful and reliable renter.

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