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Remaining restrictions still affect some businesses

ALTHOUGH most regional Victorian businesses enjoyed the relief of reopening yesterday without significant restrictions, there were still a few businesses needing to adapt or limit services in order to remain open.

Following the State Government’s announcement on Wednesday to draw a line between Melbourne and regional areas, some Hamilton business owners had only just over a day to figure out and implement ways of continuing to serve clients and customers.

Tahlia's Beautyworx owner, Tahlia Nagorcka said while she was pleased she could reopen, she has had to make changes to what her business could offer.

“It’s good that we can finally reopen and get back to business,” she said.

“Unfortunately, there is still some restrictions that we've got to follow so we can't perform any treatments where we have to remove the mask.”

Facials, makeup and other face treatments were among the services unavailable but Ms Nagorcka said her beauty salon business had enough other things to offer to make it work.

“It is a big difference to what we would normally be doing at full capacity,” she said.

“I'm quite lucky, where I offer a range of treatments. I really do feel for those people that … just do facials and those sort of treatments.

“I do a bit of everything so I can still treat my clients, they can still come in.”

Ms Nagorcka had been in contact with those who had booked a prohibited service to offer a postponement and was grateful for the response.

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