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Pfizer vaccine opening for people 50-59

THE Federal Government has announced that Pfizer is now the preferred COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 16-59.

In a precautionary measure to address the risks associated with a rare blood clotting condition called TTS, AstraZeneca is now being recommended for people 60 years and older.

Western District Health Service (WDHS) chief executive, Rohan Fitzgerald said he understood each change in the vaccine rollout created confusion and potentially more hesitancy in the community, but everyone needed to stay the course.

“Ultimately the message coming from the experts is that these vaccines are considered very safe and it’s really important that people continue to book for their jab,” he said.

“The advice is that anyone under 60 who has had their first dose of AstraZeneca without any serious adverse events, receives their follow up vaccine”.

People under 60 may also still choose to have AstraZeneca in the event they can’t access a Pfizer jab, but will need to sign a consent form.

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