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Retro – take a look back 25 and 50 years ago

50 years ago

BUDGET meeting of the Hamilton Water and Sewerage Trusts tonight will decide whether water and sewerage rates will rise or fall in Hamilton for the next 12 months. The decisions to be made by both trusts will be significant because they will provide some guideline to the council’s attitude on the city’s general rate when that is struck later in the year. And the Spectator’s tip is that water and sewerage charges will be reduced tonight, thus paving the way for a general rate reduction. However – and here’s the catch – although it is anticipated that water and sewerage rates will be lowered, it does not mean that you will pay less for your water and sewerage. Under the city’s recent revaluation the net annual value (NAV) has increased by about 30 per cent over the previous valuation carried out six years ago.

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