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ANOTHER two weeks of hot weather would see the Hamilton district at peak fire danger time, Region 5 fire officer for the Country Fire Authority, Mr. Arthur Haynes, said yesterday. Mr. Haynes said Western District fire brigades were fully prepared for what was potentially a bad fire season. And he appealed to the public for a special effort to help prevent major fire outbreaks. Mr. Haynes said CFA Region 5 was rapidly drying out. The bush in northern areas was extremely dry, and in all areas there was a heavy concentration of fuel. CFA men and brigades were on the alert as temperatures soared yesterday, but despite the hot weather and gusty winds this week the record in both Regions 4 and 5 was good.

TOP Hamilton basketball players and officials yesterday welcomed a new rule which will be introduced to the game this season in an effort to prevent undue rough play. The rule, which provides new penalties for accumulated team fouls, has been introduced throughout Victoria. Regional referees’ adviser, Mr. Pat McNamara, of Hamilton, said yesterday the rule was an attempt to “cut out excessive fouling which had crept into the game”. In future, a team which accumulates 10 fouls in a half will have two free shots awarded against it for all subsequent player fouls in that half. However, Mr. McNamara said yesterday “all” in this case did not mean “all”.

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