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Olympics, Paterson’s ultimate goal

FORMER Baimbridge College student, Brendon Paterson may have only just graduated year 12 last year, but the youngster is quite possibly the best long-distance runner our region has ever seen.

Living in Victoria Valley, Paterson is surrounded by sticks, animals and dirt tracks, which for him is the ideal training ground.

A natural runner, the 18-year-old is putting in the hard yards, chasing dreams and it starts with a minimum five-kilometre run, six days a week.

For others it sounds like a nightmare, but for Paterson it is a dream come true and something he has loved doing ever since he was able to run.

“I have been running for most of my life, I just love it,” Paterson told The Spectator.

“I used to be a troublemaker when I was younger and run off everywhere, so I think that got me going.”

Living with his grandparents in Victoria Valley, Paterson’s block perimeter is 10km which serves as the perfect training track despite the bumps and potholes.

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