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Give that they may grow

THE Good Friday Appeal has extra importance to a Wallacedale family, after seeing the Royal Children’s Hospital’s important work firsthand.

Although the hospital was unable to save Brendan (Hump) and Leonie (Mop) Bell’s 13-year-old daughter, Natalie, almost two years ago, the couple said the five weeks they spent by her side at the hospital opened their eyes and gave them a newfound respect for the important role the Royal Children’s Hospital and its staff play in many people’s lives.

“Once you’ve been down there and seen what the hospital provides to so many families, it’s absolutely outstanding,” Mop said.

“Although our outcome wasn’t the one we wanted, they went over and beyond to do the best they could for Nat.

“They’ve got the worst job in the world but they do it so well, from not only keeping you updated all along the way but to make the kids as comfortable as they can.

“It’s really amazing what they do there and you can really understand why they need the money.”

Raising much-needed funds for research, equipment, staff and training to ensure the Royal Children’s Hospital can continue to provide world-class care to children like Nat will be the focus of today’s Good Friday Appeal.

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