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Shakespeare under the Stars

Published and unpublished pictures taken by Spectator photographers are available to purchase and can be viewed at the front office: 59 Gray Street, Hamilton.

SHARING a wine are Russell Ward and Shirley Drew, Hamilton. 200307lh055
MAKING the most of the VIP section are Amity, 12, James and Taylor Haley, 11, Dunkeld. 200307lh059
HAMILTON’S Jack Braisby and Ashleigh Huisman. 200307lh056
PROVIDING entertainment before the show is Caetline Martin. 200307lh064
ENJOYING a family night out are Mikela, 8, Gustav and Anika Pohl, 8, Hamilton. 200307lh059
FAMILY friends, Kellie Watson and Myra Pohl, Penshurst. 200307lh062
CATCHING up over dinner are Mandy Eats and Leonie Neylon, both Coleraine. 200307lh060

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