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WDHS hosts International Womens Day

Published and unpublished pictures taken by Spectator photographers are available to purchase and can be viewed at the front office: 59 Gray Street, Hamilton.

CELEBRATING the day, (from left) Tracey Gould, Hamilton, Genevieve Lambert, Paschendale, Carolyn Desmond, Penshurst and Faye Gumley, Hamilton.
SURROUNDED by inspirational women, Louis Morse and Geraldine Ryan, Warrnambool. 200311h004
VISITING friends, Sue Rooney, Diane Lyon and Chris Jones, all Warrnambool. 200311h003
CHRIS Sharples and Ian Whiting supporting the achievements of Western District women. 200307lh019
MONIVAE students, Chelsea Storer, Alyssa Neeson and Megan Tonissen. 200311h009
CARLY and Maggie Behncke, 10 months, Hamilton. 200311h005
FRIENDS taking a moment to catch up, Rachel Malseed and Janice Holcombe. 200311h007

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