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Published and unpublished pictures taken by Spectator photographers are available to purchase and can be viewed at the front office: 59 Gray Street, Hamilton.

JARRYD Anton gives instructions to Penshurst’s 15-and-Under netball team. 200725lh031
HAMILTON Orange’s John Martin gets a handpass out during Friday night’s clash against Penshurst. 200725lh039
PAIGE Kissel looks for a Penshurst teammate during the 17-and-Under game against Tyrendarra. 200725lh005
RILEY Casey heads towards goal during Penshurst’s Under-14 game at Melville Oval. 200724lh049
BRANXHOLME-WALLACEDALE’S Hannah Hamilton assesses her options downcourt. 200725lh013
CAVENDISH defender, Klay Collins, during Saturday’s 17-and-Under game. 200725lh001
THE Glenelg Region Hockey Association season got started on Saturday, much to the delight of the College Under-18 teams. 200724lh013

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