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Royal Children's Hospital POP

ROYAL Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal volunteers came together from across Western Victoria for a special thank you event at the Hamilton Golf Club on Thursday night.
VOLUNTEERS Shirley and John Forrest, Hamilton, prior to the large crowd arriving.
WOOLWORTHS Hamilton staff Jen Bourke, Aaron Keilar and Jo Kenny who facilitate Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal token sales, sausage sizzles, customer donations at the registers, and Christmas and Easter raffles.
Ann Walter, Lions Club volunteer, Hamilton.
RAELENE Hadden, Lions Club volunteer, Hamilton, prior to the event commencing.
DES and Maureen Gray, acknowledged for their 42 years of fundraising for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, with other Heywood volunteers Tania Gray, Todd Millard, and Amy and Anthony Gray.
WILLOW Manson and her father, Adam Manson, provided a first hand account of the world class treatment Willow received as a patient at the Royal Children’s Hospital late last year.

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