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157 Coleraine Road, Hamilton.
Price $549,000.00. Contact Nic Cullinane or Bridget Fry at Southern Grampians Livestock and Real Estate on 55 711404.

This week an old Beatles song came to mind, “When I was younger, so much younger than today.  Never needed anybody’s help in any way”.  It is, of course, a couple of lines from the title track of the 1965 Album of the same name and is recorded by Rolling Stone as the 29th Greatest Song of all time.  It has always struck me as odd that some one who could be confused as their musical opposition was responsible for such assessments.  However, that is not what we are here to talk about today as this is a review of a large and comfortable home, one that anyone seeking a large family home would, most likely, not need any help in financing.

The song came to mind because when I arrived in Hamilton, so much younger than today, it was in a second hand panel van towing my accommodation, a leaky bondwood caravan.  This was to be home because, at that time, I did not like the idea of living in a boarding house (some readers will remember The Collendina) and I did not have the wherewithal to set up in any sort of residence requiring furnishing and weekly payments of rent.  Boarding, both private and commercial was commonplace at the time but there was always the issue in boarding houses of sharing with people you would not otherwise be seen with.  In private board generally well meaning elderly sticky beaks had a lesser value on privacy than one thought reasonable.

All this came to mind because of this week’s house.  Had it been a boarding house I would have been delighted to consider it because it affords space, comfort, privacy and quality accommodation for the larger or diverse family and does so without compromise.  A brief external inspection of this property does not do it justice.  Just think about the statistics.  It has 6 bedrooms, all but one with a built in wardrobe, 3 bathrooms, 3 distinct living areas (not including the outside living (which can be closed or open), a generous office, good storage, modern kitchen and large double garage workshop.  All this comes in excellent condition and the sale includes the surround sound system in the main living and large spa in the outdoor entertaining area at the rear. 

But just like the late night TV ads, there is more.  Split systems, ceiling fans, quality furnishings and a 5.5 kilowatt solar energy system all on a safe and secure family sized easy care block of close to 900 square metres. 

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