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Property of the Week – Is this your future?

Well, here we are in 2022.  A new year and a world of openings awaits for those who will take advantage of opportunities sitting quietly; ready to be taken up by those with enthusiasm and energy.  I often think opportunities pass us by because so often we are focused on today rather than taking the long view.  This culture is exacerbated by the presentation of news and concentration on negatives, rather than exploring the successes that a more optimistic outlook brings.  Generally many of us are happy in our comfort zone, not seeking any better and quite comfortable with our lot in life.  This was brought home to me this weekend when watching Landline where a young couple mortgaged to the hilt had their farm burnt out in New South Wales losing stock, pasture and fencing but not an unshakeable belief in agriculture as their future.  They still have the farm and have added a thriving business around direct supply of meat products to consumers concerned to know as to where and how these products are produced.  Thinking outside the square and not wallowing in grief has made their success.

More than one person in our local history has been successful showing a bit of entrepreneurial flair and spirit and one of them was the builder of the home that we are featuring this week at 191 Kent road, Hamilton.  When you look at this home it reminds me of a plantation homestead developed by a family who could well have been comfortable in their own circumstances but chose to contribute widely to their community.  It was built by a local builder for his own family and, around the time it was constructed,  he was responsible for building a number of homes around the northern sections of Hamilton.  His contribution to the community is commemorated in a street and park named after the family and there are another couple of examples of similar homes to this one, built by him in town.

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