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Toward the end of his third expedition in 1836 Major Mitchell discovered the lush pasture land in Western Victoria. He noted the contrast between the landscapes to the north as he came down into this part of the State and named the superb agricultural land he had stumbled across “Australia Felix”. Being a man of some education he knew Australia Felix in Latin meant “fortunate Australia” or “happy Australia”. On his return to Sydney reports were published of his discovery and this caused a land rush into the area.

In ensuing years transport routes were established between the fledgling settlements and Cobb and Co got into the act transporting people through the area in coaches drawn by horse teams that required regular changing.  When you think about it the trips would have been arduous with the coaches running over ill formed tracks of dust and mud depending on the conditions of the day.  Travellers on long journeys were treated to the comforts of a coaching inn during longer journeys and there they would find a warm welcome, hearty meals and drink or two to soften the next part of the trip.

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