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VRFish, the peak body representing Victorian recreational fishers, is backing the Victorian Government’s commitment to guarantee access to fishing and camping on Crown land that have grazing licences and river frontage.

The Parks and Crown Land Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 seeks to amend the Land Act 1958 to allow camping and campfires on licensed Crown Water Frontages - the small strip of public land either side of Victoria’s rivers and major streams.

Casterton Angling Club and Glenelg River User Group member, Brian Murrell said the legislation, if introduced, should be accompanied by extensive mapping of the relevant rivers and their Crown land easements, to prevent any future misunderstanding.

“Farmers have removed fences separating their private land or leased land from the Crown land at the edge of the rivers … others have just claimed they own to the edge of the river, where that’s not the case,” Mr Murrell said.

“There are very few cases, with the exception of some very old titles, like the Angling Block, where the private owners does own to the edge of the property.

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