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New food and fibre board members

THE region’s representative body for the food and fibre industry will have some new faces in key roles, with Food and Fibre Great South Coast appointing two new directors to its board last month.

Experienced agribusiness banker, Rhonda Henry and Camperdown organic dairy farmer, Carlie Barry were both appointed to the board, with Ms Henry also putting her experience to good use as treasurer.

Food and Fibre Great South Coast chairwoman, Georgina Gubbins said she was pleased to see the pair appointed.
“The vast experience, networks and skills that Rhonda and Carlie each bring to our organisation is really exciting,” she said.

“I have no doubt they will strengthen our impact as we work together to deliver our vision for food and fibre in the Great South Coast.”

Ms Henry is a senior relationship manager at Westpac, working across the agribusiness sector, and had previously spent 44 years as the south-west Victoria head of dairy a Commonwealth Bank.

She has also served as Leadership Great South Coast deputy chairwoman and WestVic Dairy treasurer.

“With over 40 years in agribusiness banking in the region, I can confidently say that Food and Fibre Great South Coast is a critically important organisation to the advancement of our region’s prosperity,” Ms Henry said.

“Food and Fibre Great South Coast has identified a clear set of relevant and strategic priorities and I look forward to contributing to this work.”

An organic dairy farmer, Ms Barry said she was interested in the organisation’s power of advocacy and education, particularly as the industry adapted to climate variability and integrated sustainable agricultural practise.

“Food and Fibre Great South Coast is truly representative of today’s agricultural industry – diverse, vibrant and alive to the need for broad implementation of clean technology and sustainable practise,” she said.

“I’m excited to bring my passion for organic, sustainable farming to this strong, purpose-driven organisation.”

The board vacancies were created by the departure of foundational board members, Basil Ryan and Liz Duncan.

Ms Gubbins said the pair had been vital to Food and Fibre Great South Coast’s success.

“I thank Basil for his early commitment and determination to creating Food and Fibre Great South Coast – without him we would not exist today,” she said.

“The organisation and our region’s food and fibre sector are better positioned for the future because of his vision and steadfast efforts.

“Liz Duncan’s dedication to Food and Fibre Great South Coast and her role as treasurer has been greatly appreciated.

“Liz played a key role in creating a best-practice governance culture with respect to overseeing the creation of financial policies, governance charters and risk management protocols means we are much better placed now than 12 months ago.”

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