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In the Yards - Hamilton

Another small Hamilton yarding with quality sheep and lamb

IN another small yarding, Hamilton agents yarded 1218 lambs and 1929 sheep, but despite the small numbers, this week’s offering was of very good quality over both sheep and lambs.
New season lambs continue to come forward in most being good to very good in quality.
Most of the regular buyers were in attendance, not all operated and there was some restocking activity only in the very light lambs and sheep with suitable skins to be shorn, in a market that was more active resulting all sheep being $10.00 to $15.00 per head stronger and all lambs to be $10.00 per head dearer, quality playing a good part.
Light 12 to 18kg lambs made from $35.00 to $131.00.
Trade lambs 18 to 22kg made from $140.00 to $175.00.
Medium trade lambs 22 to 26kg made from $170.00 to $210.00 to average from 700 to 760ckgcwt.
Heavy lambs 26 and over made to $280.00.
New season’s lambs topped at $260.00 averaging around 900ckgcwt.
Hoggets made to $210.00.
Sheep, there was a very good selection of sheep of all weights and grades.
Heavy Xbred sheep made to $215.00, well covered Merino ewes made between $170.00 to $224.00 with a good skin.
Wethers shorn to $180.00, the average run of Merino mutton to make between 580 to 650ckgcwt.

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