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Tyres – Repurpose them on your farm

PRACTICAL solutions are often found when someone dares to think outside the box. For Pete Singleton, of Warrnambool, the sight of an on-farm fire that made its way to a pile of tyres used for a silage pit was the catalyst for ‘Tyresing Recycling Pty Ltd’ and after a lot of global research and trials he came up with a way of effectively and efficiently reusing old tyres on farm.

Like everyone else, Pete buys tyres for his vehicles and has to pay a levy to have the old tyres disposed of – a cost of $10 per tyre. The tyre business then either sends them to Melbourne by truck or sends them to farms for use on silage pit covers. What we are left with is a national stockpile of tyres on farms, and the government is now trying to evaluate how many tyres are actually on farms around Australia.

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