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Mortlake cattle numbers increase

MORTLAKE agents yarded 1030 cattle on
Monday representing an increase of some
290 head from a fortnight ago. The quality
overall was mixed ranging from good to
plainer types with a percentage showing the
effects of winter particularly amongst the
trade cattle. There was a good mix of beef
and dairy breeds available.
Most buyers were present however not all
operated. Restricted restocker interest was
noted with the majority of the grown steers
and some trade types purchased by feeders.
The market for grown cattle remained firm to
slightly dearer. Trade cattle were 20c to 30c/kg
softer. Good heavy cows gained 10c to 15c/kg
with all other cows remaining firm with some
returning to the paddock. 200 grown cattle, 400
trade and 430 cows were yarded.
A selection of vealers on offer made from
265c to 312c/kg. Trade steers and heifers made
between 244c and 328c/kg. Grown cattle topped
at 310c/kg however, feeders paid up to 328c/kg.
Good heavy beef cows sold from 190c to 235c/
kg with medium weights from 145c to 175c/kg.
Dairy cows sold from 180 to 205c/kg. Grown beef
bulls topped at 205c/kg.
Sale summary:
Bulls (0-700kg): top 200.0c/kg, avg 197.7c/
kg, top $1368.00p/hd, avg $1203.00p/hd.
Bulls (700+kg): top 205.0c/kg, avg 177.2c/
kg, top $1667.16p/hd, avg $1432.06p/hd.
Light Heifers (0-350kg): top 290.0c/kg, avg
199.3c/kg, top $948.94p/hd, avg $583.14p/
Light Steers (0-350kg): top 312.0c/kg, avg
213.4c/kg, top $1060.80p/hd, avg $660.84p/
Trade Heifers (351-500kg): top 320.0c/
kg, avg 252.8c/kg, top $1456.00p/hd, avg
Trade Steers (351-500kg): top 328.0c/
kg, avg 234.9c/kg, top $1610.48p/hd,
avg $1003.30p/hd.
Grown Heifers (500+kg): top 307.0c/kg,
avg 238.0c/kg, top $1942.50p/hd, avg
Grown Steers (500+kg): top 320.0c/kg,
avg 276.3c/kg, top $1906.17p/hd, avg
Cows: top 235.0c/kg, avg 190.5c/kg, top
$1788.25p/hd, avg $1024.38p/hd.
Bullocks: top 328.0c/kg, avg 261.0c/kg,
top $2247.50p/hd, avg $1610.31p/hd.
Weaner Heifers: top 322.0c/kg, avg
247.1c/kg, top $1435.50p/hd, avg
Weaner Steers: top 314.0c/kg, avg
264.1c/kg, top $1475.80p/hd, avg

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