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A COMPARE and contrast of two scenarios was the objective behind a visit to the area by Victorian Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie, shadow minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development last Friday.

Lizzie Hallam - February 6, 2024

THE twinkling fairy lights of Gray Street, Hamilton will become a permanent fixture of the CBD due to an overwhelmingly positive community response.

Admin - February 2, 2024

A FORMER Monivae College student, is among those listed in the Australia Day Order of Australia Honours’ list.

Lizzie Hallam - January 30, 2024

ROGER Edwards has dedicated the best part of his life to serving the community of Cavendish since he moved there nearly 50 years ago.

Admin - January 26, 2024

PARAMEDICS and lifesavers are urging Victorians to take care in and around inland waterways this summer, following an uptick in fatal and non-fatal inland drownings in Victoria.

Admin - January 23, 2024

WET weather may have put the handbrake on the CFA’s roadside burning program.

Admin - January 19, 2024

AFTER a high-risk pregnancy and the subsequent medical care needed at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne for their new-born child early last year, shearer Ken Bungard and partner Tara Stephens found themselves very grateful to be offered the option of Ronald McDonald House (RMH) as a place to stay.

Mark Rabich - January 16, 2024

DESPITE a changing national discourse around Australia Day with more than 80 local government authorities not proceeding with traditional citizenship ceremonies, and some commercial entities pulling Australia Day merchandise from their shelves, Southern Grampians Shire Council (SGSC) will continue to host a series of traditional community celebrations.

Lizzie Hallam - January 12, 2024

RESIDENTS of Hamilton may be surprised to learn Southern Grampians Shire Council (SGSC) recently approached the RSL to switch on the EV charging station at its present location, qualifying the request as only being temporary in nature and intended to save thousands of dollars.

Mark Rabich - January 9, 2024

FOLLOWING the direction by the Victorian Government to cap the average rate rise in respect of the 2024–25 financial year at 2.75 per cent, several local governments have spoken out about the fiscal difficulties this will pose.

Lizzie Hallam - January 5, 2024