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LIELA Dohle leaves behind an extraordinary, 106-year legacy of dedication as a much-loved member of her family and a widely known and respected member of the community she served.

James Thompson - February 27, 2023

RETIRED champion shearer and first ever Wool Monarch of Sheepvention, David “Daffy” Ryan passed away in Queensland earlier this week, on January 4, aged 76.

Admin - January 7, 2023

RECOGNISING a familiar name in death notices often refreshes memories of a key event in the lives of both parties.
That was the case last Saturday when some of us here at the Spec learned of the passing of Rachel Malseed on November 22, aged 87.

Spec Editor - December 2, 2022

FOR some it’s a big step to move from public service into the hurly-burly of private enterprise.

Spec Editor - October 21, 2022

BRIAN Jacobson, who passed away two weeks ago, aged 76, will be remembered as a legend in local football and cricket circles – and a devoted family man.

Spec Editor - September 23, 2022