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ON March 12 the Morrison Government announced a $17.6 billion stimulus package, in an effort to soften the economic blow of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Michelle Muir - July 10, 2020

MAYA Linnell has just released her long awaited second novel.

Jodi Fry - July 10, 2020

EMPLOYERS are benefiting with a significant increase to the business cashflow boost scheme announced as part of the $17.6 billion stimulus package on March 12, in an effort to soften the economic blow of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Michelle Muir - June 10, 2020

AT first glance – it may seem an unlikely pairing, but mixing a true love of country living with shearing and photography has paid dividends for James Braszell.

Jodi Fry - June 10, 2020

THE 2020 Ermenegildo Zegna ‘Vellus Aureum’ award for the world’s finest and best fleece was won by David and Susan Rowbottom of Rowensville at St Helens – their sixth win in seven years.

Jodi Fry - May 10, 2020

FARMERS don’t farm for the recognition, appreciation and praise.

Michelle Muir - May 10, 2020

MENTAL health is a topic that is much more openly discussed now – both in the media and at gatherings.

Jodi Fry - April 10, 2020

THE Mandatory Dairy Code of Conduct that came into force in January this year will have its first test in the coming months, as milk processors begin releasing their new season contracts and announcing opening prices for the 2020/21 season.

Michelle Muir - April 10, 2020

IN its report published late January on options for reform of dairy industry structures, the Joint Transition Team (JTT) of the Australian Dairy Plan has recommended the creation of a single, new whole of industry national dairy organisation.

Michelle Muir - March 10, 2020

CHRIS Kelly grew up on his parent’s farm at Macarthur.

Jodi Fry - March 10, 2020