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THERE was a slight decrease in numbers at Mortlake on Monday with a total of 910 head offered.

Admin - October 24, 2023

THERE was a small offering at Hamilton on Wednesday consisting of 1200 lambs and 480 sheep.

Admin - October 24, 2023

IN a reduced yarding, Hamilton agents penned 8400 lambs and 2165 sheep at the weekly market on Wednesday.

Admin - June 26, 2023

HAMILTON agents penned 13,600 lambs and 5500 sheep at the weekly market where the quality was of a similar standard to the previous market over most categories of lamb and sheep on offer.

Admin - June 19, 2023

CATTLE numbers held firm at Friday’s Hamilton cattle market, with the yarding being majority cows, with an extra buyer present.

Admin - September 8, 2022

THERE was a slight increase in last week’s cattle market as agents yarded 55 head, with the yarding being majority cows; the usual buyers were present.

Admin - August 15, 2022

SHEEPVENTION’S Victorian Working Dog Championships, both this week and into the future, have been bolstered by the installation of around $50,000 in news yards – a gift from sponsor ProWay.

Kristy McDonald - August 6, 2022

THERE was a reduced yarding in Hamilton on Friday with 70 cattle penned which mostly consisted of cows.

Admin - July 19, 2022

LAST week in Hamilton saw heavy steers over 500kg make up to 434 cents per kilogram and grown heifers over 500kg made up to 404 c/kg and average 397c/kg. - May 31, 2022

NUMBERS eased last week in Hamilton, with 43 head less yarded for a total of 192, consisting of 128 cows, 53 trade and 11 bulls. - March 28, 2022