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THIS past week has seen the first hint of summer warmth as a cool spring finally loosens its extended grip. - December 15, 2021

ON Thursday, waves of memories, gratitude, respect, and all imaginable levels of grief washed over the friends and families of Parklands Golf Club, as we gathered in large numbers to formally commemorate the recent passing of Chris Morey and Cocky Stewart. - December 8, 2021

HAMILTON Golf Club held a very successful annual tournament, but the weather created extra challenges on Friday and Saturday with increased winds. - December 4, 2021

HAMILTON Golf Club attracted plenty of players to the events this past week, including Saturday’s men’s and ladies round.

Adam Hill - November 20, 2021

SPRING seems determined to hang on to elements of winter and keep the door firmly closed on the approaching summer.

Admin - November 15, 2021

HERE were three competitive events at Parklands Golf Club this past week, culminating in a hotly contested Monthly Medal.

Admin - November 9, 2021

IT has been a busy week of golf at the Hamilton Golf Club, starting with last Saturday’s event which saw 47 men and 18 ladies play in stableford competition.

Admin - November 6, 2021

With golf competitions back in full swing, catch up with who last week’s winners were at Parklands Golf Club.

Admin - November 2, 2021

AS golfers resume their weekly competitions, catch up on the weekly results from Hamilton Golf Club.

Admin - October 31, 2021

‘THIS life well it's slipping right through my hands, these days turned out nothing like I had planned, control well it's slipping right through my hands, these days turned out nothing like I had planned’. - August 23, 2021