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“HE NEVER aged.”

That is the lasting memory that wife Pat – and most of the district – has, following the sudden passing of Des Wombwell last week.

Mr Wombwell suffered a stroke at his home last Monday and died at Geelong, on Wednesday, surrounded by his family.

“He was 84 years young,” Mrs Wombwell said.

“He never aged - most people got tired just looking at him.”

Familiar to most of the district as a football and cricket umpire, Mr Wombwell umpired 600 ‘official’ games of football around the district.

He began his cricketing career at Bahgallah, aged 18 and won four back-to-back premierships between 1968 and 1971.

Finishing out his playing career in Casterton, he turned his attention to umpiring and, hanging up ‘the finger’ just last year, was honoured by the Hamilton and District Cricket Association for his long service to the sport.

“He was extremely proud of that award, so very proud to receive it,” Mrs Wombwell said.

Read Mr Wombwell's full story in today's CN.

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