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End of Year Displays

THE Portland Gymnastics Club said farewell to 2020 across four days last week with the club’s End of Year Displays.

Portland’s gymnasts took to the floor to showcase their hard work from across the year with a number of group performances beginning on Tuesday and concluding on Friday.

Along with performances, the club also handed out awards to acknowledge some strong development members in what has been a complicated year for young athletes.

Portland’s head coach, Brooke Smith, said she was over the moon with how the club’s members have handled the challenges posed by this year.

“I am so proud of all the gymnasts and coaches for preparing so quickly to perform our End of Year Display for 2020,” Smith said.

“Considering we only trained for around three months in total this year the gymnasts displayed some amazing skills.

“I can’t thank our committee enough for all their hard work begin the scenes getting the club ready to re-open.

“From the weekly Zoom meetings to discussing and keeping an eye on all of the changing restrictions and how that impacts club procedure, it’s been a lot of work.

“I’m also very thankful to all of the parents, guardians and of course the gymnasts at our club for adapting to these new rules and procedures so well.

“I can’t wait to see what will come next year, in what is hopefully a much more normal year for everyone.

“We’re encouraging anyone interested to come along for gymnastics in 2021, and we’re also going to have some holiday sessions and come and try days soon.”

• For further information about the Portland Gymnastics Club’s plans for next year visit their Facebook page or email the club at

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