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Memorial hosts Men’s Pairs final

LAST Tuesday evening, Portland Memorial Bowling Club hosted the Far Western District Men’s Pairs Final.
Competitors were Portland Memorial Bowling Club members which creating quite an interest in the event, as evidenced with the attendance of many spectators on our decking.
Kelvin Wiffen and Graeme Solly broke out of the blocks with a strong start of 10 shots on the board, but Chris Fleming and Ian Grayson took stock of the situation, steadied and came back.
Both teams displayed exceptional bowls keeping the spectators enthralled, as the game took three and a half hours to complete, which meant changing conditions and challenged the bowlers in altering the delivery of their bowls, incorporating different strategies and keeping both teams on their toes.
Ultimately there is a winner and Solly was strategic in putting a couple of decisive bowls into the head over the last few ends.
Final scores on the board read Wiffen and Solly 17 to Fleming and Grayson 13.
Congratulations to Kelvin Wiffen and Graeme Solly on winning the event and great bowls were played by all.
Wiffen and Solly will now represent the playing area at regional level to take on the echelon of State Champs.

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