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SWDFNL back in charge after RAC stint

THE South West District Football Netball League (SWDFNL) is back under its own governance after its decision to leave the AFL Western District (AFL WD) Regional Administration Centre (RAC) at its AGM.

SWDFNL president, Mark Brown, has retained his position as the head of the league, as well as the committee team of Darren Jacobson (vice-president), Susie Holcombe (media liaison) and Sally Morton (administrator).

He said the league and its club presidents decided to step away from the RAC after being governed by the AFL Western District body for two years.

Brown said by taking back its own governance, the league and its clubs will again take control of all its decisions which is something the clubs wanted.

“Everyone seems to be returning to self-governance and we decided we wanted to go down the same path,” Brown told The Spectator.

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