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Sienna's spreading sunshine

COVID-19 has brought out the very worst and the absolute best in human nature and none come much better than Sienna Winchester.

When the Casterton Primary School Grade 2 student heard of the government’s plans to limit visitation to aged care facilities – while she knew it was for the best – she was worried about the isolation of so many seniors.

She decided to do something positive about it and put pen to paper.

“Dear Mrs Barlow,” she wrote.

“Can we do an art project for the elderly …”

Her letter to the school’s art teacher, Rhiannon Barlow, was met with enthusiastic response and the school very proudly posted-off around 50 beautifully decorated greeting cards and well-wishes to Casterton Hospital’s Glenelg House.

 “It was a nice thing to do, because they can’t have any visitors,” she said.

“I was so excited to do it … my card had a love heart with a frame around it.”

“Mrs Duerdan said the cards made them very happy.”

Sienna’s classmates, Maria Delacruz, Kate Henry, Darcy Brown and Riley Gorman were happy to get their creative caps on and make their own greetings for our local seniors.

“I wrote ‘I hope you have a lovely day,” Riley said.

“My card said Casterton Primary School sends you love and happiness,” Maria said.

State and Federal Governments have begun the effective shutdown of non-essential services, including hotels and restaurants and Victoria took the lead in closing all public schools from 3pm Monday – four days ahead of the scheduled holiday.

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