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THE warmer weather has started sightings of snakes in the region – though it might be a week or two yet before they become more common. Further details in Friday's Observer.

Chalpat Sonti - September 17, 2021

ROGER Haldane is a man of many talents, but among all of them he is a keen artist, having won international prizes in the field of book illustrating. Read about his fascinating artistic journey and more in Friday's Observer.

Chalpat Sonti - September 17, 2021

THE Portland Adult Riding Club made a return to its favourite pastime last weekend, as the easing of restrictions meant the club could at last get back to riding after a lengthy hiatus. Full story in Friday's Observer. - September 17, 2021

HEYWOOD premiership star Dane Handreck is loving life in his first season as a part of the Western Border Football League after qualifying for the 2021 senior grand final, to be played on September 18.

Samuel Ord - September 10, 2021

“After 18 months of feeling like we have been holding our breath, Exhale invites all creatives to embrace the anticipation of being able to breathe again" Ms McDonald said. Full details in Friday's Observer

Chalpat Sonti - September 10, 2021

AS new home buyers purchase to live rather than for investment, rental houses in Portland have become scarce, with tenants now scratching their heads, unsure of their next move. Full story in Friday's Observer.

Admin - September 10, 2021

SEVEN Budj Bim Tours rangers have new skills and confidence to lead tourists through the World Heritage site after completing a region-first training program at South West TAFE. Full story in Tuesday's Observer

Chalpat Sonti - September 1, 2021

MICHELE Francis hadn’t done much formal learning throughout her adult life, so when the now 64-year-old decided to go ‘back to school’ as it were last year, it wasn’t a decision made lightly.

Chalpat Sonti - September 1, 2021

MEMBERS of the Portland Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch gathered at the city’s Memorial Triangle on Wednesday night to commemorate Vietnam Veterans Day. Full story in Friday's Observer. - August 20, 2021

THE mystery artist(s) art trail building up around the Portland CBD took a new twist earlier this week when a hippo made an appearance at Nuns’ Beach. - August 20, 2021
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