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CovidSafe summer kicks in

VICTORIANS no longer have to wear masks in the office or when visiting cafés and restaurants after premier, Daniel Andrews, eased the state’s COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday.

With the state having gone more than five weeks without a new case, Mr Andrews announced masks would only be mandatory in “a limited number of places”, including on public transport, in taxis, at indoor shopping centres, supermarkets and larger retail properties, and at indoor markets.

“While masks are no longer mandated in most circumstances, the evidence is clear wearing a face covering makes a real difference in slowing the spread of the virus, so masks continue to be recommended indoors or outdoors when distancing can’t be maintained,” he said.

The changes mean masks will no longer be required in offices, at cafés and restaurants or at hairdressers and beauty salons.

Mr Andrews also announced changes to gathering limits, as part of the government’s “COVIDSafe Summer” restrictions.

He said Victorians would be allowed up to 30 visitors to their home each day, while outdoor public gatherings will be increased to 100 people.

Density limits at cafés, pubs and restaurants will change, with hard caps on patrons removed and replaced by a one person per two square metres limit.

Venues will be required to keep an electronic record of all patrons.

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