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Out and about … celebrating the long weekend

POLOCROSSE: Gary Dawson, Peter Dowsley and Cindy Dawson.
SANDFORD FESTIVAL: Sharon Nolte, Kerry McLean, Ange Cleary and Jack Eggar.
SANDFORD FESTIVAL: Peter Taylor, Mia Doyle, Matilda Thompson, Brent Gould, Ron Dennis and Eddie Emms.
SANDFORD FESTIVAL: Jamie, Geoff and Freya James, 6 months.
(LEFT) POLOCROSSE: Rick and Harry Smith with ‘Jellybean Magpie’. (RIGHT) POLOCROSSE: Livvy Smith gets ready for her run in the subbies.
POLOCROSSE: Hunter Carlin, 1 with his pop, Darren.
CAR CLUB: Lynda Wallace, Joy Edge and Irene Hornibrook.
CAR CLUB: Joan Bilston and Joan Sanders.
CAR CLUB: Peter and Karen Canter, Liz and Des Bonser and Melissa and Bryan Hallyburton.
CAR CLUB: Heidi Wallace and Emily Zentai.
CAR CLUB: Lee and John Sandford, Carter Price, Jan Collins, Ray Guy, Honey Carlyle and Peter Williams.
(LEFT) WANDO DOG TRIALS: John Tuddenham and Belmont Echo. (RIGHT) WANDO DOG TRIALS: Merboo Charlie and Tom Weir.
SANDFORD FESTIVAL: Sandra Treloar and Len Edwards.
WANDO DOG TRIALS: Glenis O’Connell, Alex Currie, Megan Pettingill, Ann Munro, Marion Cowland, Sandra Carlin, Dawn Davidson and Amy Tierney.

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